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An in-company course ‘Mental Health First Aid’ can be very interesting for companies and organisations. In the course you will learn how to have a conversation if you notice that someone is experiencing (work) stress or mental health problems. The earlier this conversation is held, the quicker it is possible to identify suitable resources for the employee so that he can recover. This will create a win-win situation; both for the employee and for the organisation. It is important that in this conversation the contact is made from person to person, regardless of roles and positions. ┬áThis provides safety and forms the basis for subsequently being able to think in terms of possible solutions.

In company Course For whom?

This course can be provided in company for managers, employees of HRM departments but certainly also for teams. Identifying mental health problems and making them discussable does not have to be limited to managers. Colleagues can also do a lot for a co-worker who is over-stimulated or who develops mental health problems. The important thing is that there is room to engage in a conversation, that someone feels seen and heard and feels safe enough to discuss their problems. Then there is also room to look for possible solutions together. It can also be a relief for the other person to be able to share problems with someone or to find someone who is willing to listen. An open atmosphere in which potential problems can be discussed without judgment helps to create a healthy and vital company culture.

The course is taught by MHFA certified trainers

Participants: minimum 8, maximum 15 persons per group

Duration: 4 meetings of 3 hours

Recommended price: In company on request

A non-binding conversation about what MHFA can do for your company or organization is obviously possible. Please contact us at or contact our cooperation partner in your region.

You can download the brochure about the course here.

Brochure MHFA Standard